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Waiting List

Waiting List 

We do hold a priority waiting list which is £100 to join and this comes of your kitten price. This is non refundable if you decide not to get a kitten from us for any reason.The wait is generally around 6 months, maybe longer if you have quite specific requirements. If you do decide to go on the list please be patient, we can only go as fast as our cats would like too .

We are not taking anymore on our autumn/winter list now.

The waiting list is open for spring 2021 now as off 9th September 2020 please join now if you want to be guaranteed a kitten in the spring.


Who is your cattery registered with?

Who is your cattery registered with ?

We are registered with the GCCF and also TICA and a registered breeder on the Siberian Cat Club UK.

Do you allow visits?

Do you allow visits?

First and foremost this is our home , so we only allow collections of kittens, unless you are having a pre booked allergy sitting.

When you ask to visit or "inspect" our "facilities" you are actually asking to inspect our home .

Visitor can be stresful for the cats; Mother cats who are protecting their kittens can become stressed by stangers near their nests. Young kittens are extremely succesptible to illnesses which can be carried unknowingly on visitors clothes, hands or shoes. By limiting visitors to those collecting their kittens, our kittens have time for their immune systems to mature and their vaccinations to become effective. 



Pet kittens: The adoption fee for a pet kitten is £1600 , you can reserve an option to buy, but the price on collection will reflect market price.

The price includes vet check, age vaccinations, flea and worm prevention treatments, pedigree, registration, a sample of their favourite food.Both of your kitten's parents are tested free from FELV (blood test), FIV (blood test) and PKD (DNA test).  Also 8 other genetic tests.

Please note that pet kittens do not come with breeding rights and They will have "Not for breeding" documented on their registration paperwork

When can i choose a kitten

When can i choose a kitten?

We make kittens available after they have had their first health check and first vaccination, by our vet at around 9 weeks old..Kittens can go to their forever home only after their second health check and final vaccination at 12/13 weeks old.We make no exceptions to this, kittens never leave us earlier than this age.

Do you have experience with breeding Siberian’s

Do you have experience with breeding Siberian’s

Siberians are still a relatively new breed in the UK, however Emerald Kingdom has been at the forefront since 2006.

There were only a handful of UK breeders at the start of our journey, so we imported to increase the gene pool here in the UK. Also  so we had the pick of the very best bloodlines.

A lot of pedigree’s here now have Emerald Kingdom cats within.

Where are you based?

Redcar Cleveland 

Cat Allergies 

We are very experienced in helping allergy sufferers, please get In touch and we will speak on a one to one basis to help you . 


+44 7484 798943

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