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Fur Sample Requests

As visiting our cattery due to Covid 19 is not possible at the moment , testing with a sample of fur can be tried

Sample Fur available:
Neva Masquerade Fur £10per sample
Traditional  Brown Tabby Fur £ 10 per sample  sampleTraditional  Silver Tabby £10per sample
White  Siberian £10 per Sample 
For a sample of all 4 £30 sent and packaged separately .

Fur samples are sent in a zip-lock bag 

Try the samples one at a time, and gently washing your face between trials, or try them on different days. These should help give you a good idea regarding any possible allergic reaction.

  • Consult your doctor prior to testing with the fur.

  • Have your medications on hand in case you do have a reaction.

  • Antihistamines or prednisone may mask reactions.

DISCLAIMER: Feline allergens can cause serious and potentially fatal reactions in some individuals. Allergen information provided is not a substitution for medical advice. We strongly recommend consulting a medical doctor prior to visiting and/or purchasing a Siberian cat.  Emerald Kingdom Siberians disclaim any and all liability from individuals or catteries regarding medical allergy