My Story

My passion for cats started as a young girl and always found a a cat that needed loving. After having a red Persian for 17 years and some fostering with the cats protection, I stumbled across Siberians on the net. I was totally in love with the beauty of Siberians and my adventure had started!

This was in 2006 and i imported my first Siberian from Hungary early 2007.

Since then I have been hobby breeding pedigree Siberians imported from Russia, Hungary, USA, Germany Poland, and Czech Republic to ensure breed diversity and a healthy gene pool. 

I specialise in the very beautiful silver Siberians, but in 2020 we will also have , bimetallic or sometimes called Sunshine , along with reds, blue, and torbies.

My Siberians are Traditional Siberians, and do not have the colour point gene.

As I also love the colour point Siberians or sometimes called Neva Siberians, I now have a breeding program also for the colour point Siberian. I do not mix the breeding they have their own breeding program.

Siberians are a complete passion and shows no sign of every changing and sometimes I will have kittens that I will place to approved pet homes. 

Breeding kittens are rarely placed and only to trusted experienced Siberian breeders.  



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